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Lappish boots, black4164 mLappish boots, black168,00 €
Original lappish bootsPV-62npOriginal lappish boots339,00 €
Original lappish boots (rubber sole)PV-62kpOriginal lappish boots (rubber sole)299,00 €
Lappish boots with folded shaft72-4122Lappish boots with folded shaft199,90 €
Lappish boots with long shaft and leather solePV-npLappish boots with long shaft and leather sole258,00 €
Original lappish boots with long shaft and rubber sole PV-kpOriginal lappish boots with long shaft and rubber sole 209,00 €
Lappish boots (black)72-4122mLappish boots (black)189,00 €
Lappish boots with pseudo fold down72-4164Lappish boots with pseudo fold down168,00 €
Beak boots with lace53-9022Beak boots with lace168,00 €
Beak boots with warm lining53-9023Beak boots with warm lining168,00 €
ARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt red berry9022 H 4ARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt red berry195,00 €
ARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt, black9022 H mustaARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt, black195,00 €
ARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt, wine red9022 H 3ARCTIPS Saga Wool Felt, wine red195,00 €
Blue ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-7Blue ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €
Wine red ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-3Wine red ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €
Black ARCTIPS Wool Felt 4164 H mustaBlack ARCTIPS Wool Felt 225,00 €
Bright red ARCTIPS wool felt72-4164H-4Bright red ARCTIPS wool felt225,00 €
Dark gray ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-1Dark gray ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €
Grass green ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-5Grass green ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €
Light gray ARCTIPS Wool Felt 72-4164H-11Light gray ARCTIPS Wool Felt 225,00 €
Natural white ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-6Natural white ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €
Orange ARCTIPS Wool Felt72-4164H-0Orange ARCTIPS Wool Felt225,00 €
Pinkki ARCTIPS-huopalapikas72-4164H-RPinkki ARCTIPS-huopalapikas225,00 €
Yellow ARCTIPS wool felt 72-4164H-8Yellow ARCTIPS wool felt 225,00 €