Classic, Saga, Unna, ja Osma

Arctips footwear is made from the highest quality merino wool in the world, which is especially warm and very breathable. Paul poles are handcrafted from start to finish. All Arctips are handcrafted in Töysä, Finland. There are four different models in the Arctips range: Classic, Saga, Unna and Osma

Heat and grip

on snow

Arctips rubber sole is made in Finland and it is flexible even in the cold. The bottom keeps both snow and ice.

Breathable and

ecological blanket

Töysän kenkätehtaan suutarit kaavoittavat ja leikkaavat 100-prosenttisesta merinovillasta valmistetun huovan ja muotoilevat materiaalista Arctips-jalkineet vuosikymmenten käsityökokemuksella.

The blanket is a foot-friendly material. It adapts well, breathes and the moisture in the foot or sock is also taken care of off the agenda. The blanket repels dirt and is a long-lasting and therefore also ecological material.

Nordic shoes


Are also Jari-Matti Latvala's choice for a cold race day.