Shoe size?

How to measure your shoe size

If you are not sure about your shoe size, you can measure your foot and use inches or centimeters in the converter and get the right shoe size.

You need a sheet of paper, pen or pencil and a ruler or a measure.

Set your foot firmly on the floor, and your leg bent slightly forward so that your shin is slightly in front of your ankle. Trace the outline of your foot precisely. Remember to measure your foot with socks similar to the ones you’ll be wearing with the shoes you are buying. Hold the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper. Do not hold it at an angle.

Use your pencil to draw straight lines touching the outermost points at the top and the bottom. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line. When you have got your foot size in inches or centimeters, you can use our converter on the left side of the page and get the right shoe size.